Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Water, water...............anywhere??

After a long night in the Flying "J" parking lot in Nephi, we got back on the road heading to Salt Lake City. We had located an RV dealer on the Route 66 network that we hoped would be able to resolve our latest challenge. We'd gotten an early start as the truckers that were parked around us were compelled by their own schedules to get up and get going, rousing us from our fitful slumber.

Access RV in Salt Lake City was the only dealer listed in our network and we were a bit taken aback by their "access". Their driveway consisted of a very short, very steep turn that had both of us gasping. It would not have been our willing choice to make that turn, but we'd already called them and we definately needed help. As has been the case all along, YHWH's preparations in bringing us to Josh and the rest of the staff there were just what we needed. Josh literally took apart the undercarriage of The "Nest"and searched through every water connection in the rig.

He didn't find any leaks or other problems and the end determination was made that the high water pressure at the Colorado park had forced water out of one or more of the connections and it had accumulated over the week's time underneath. They recommended that we buy a pressure regulator for the water connection as this is known to be a common problem for RV'ers. About an hour later and $10 lighter, we got back on the road in search of our next campsite feeling relieved and grateful for the staff at Access RV.

After lunch and a nap, I sit here in The "Nest" nestled among trees that look to be hundreds of years old. Some of the branches that tower over us are bigger around than most trees you see elsewhere. As I look out the back window, I find myself in a staredown contest with a very large ostrich. I'm guessing it's an ostrich as it's much bigger than the other birds that appear to be emus though I'm not an expert on such things in any way. It's enough to be faced with such a thing in the middle of this incredible display of nature. A very green mountain rises up behind us and literally towers over everything.

A hummingbird is searching for his supper outside the window next to me. I wish I had something to offer him just for a chance at a closer look, but he seems quite content with YAH's provision. The sounds of other birds fill the area and this promises to be a much more restful night tonight. We're not sure what tomorrow will bring as we plan to only stay in this area for one day to visit an old friend of DannyLee's and do some business.

Our one directive from here so far is to head north. We'll see what tomorrow brings when tomorrow comes.

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