Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Preparation Day

Staying with the White family in Montana during Shabbat gave us a chance to do our part on preparation day. Preparation Day is the day before Shabbat when everyone pitches in to prepare for the upcoming Sabbath. At the "White"house, everyone does their part to make sure the house is spic and span and ready to receive the presence of YHWH. It was fun sneaking up on everyone to catch them hard at work. (Don't worry! I did my part too!)

Here we have pictures of DannyLee washing windows, Jed grinding oats for the next day's breakfast, Lavanah cooking up lots of scrumptious treats for all of us and Charis acting as "supervisor" for all of the day's activities.

There are special blessings that come when sharing Shabbat with Torah observant brethren. The peace and joy of the day are magnified in many ways. As a special treat, music found a place in our Shabbat activities and everyone found a way to join in on the fun. Jed & Lavanah welcomed Shabbat with an inspirational chorus of trumpeting and DannyLee entertained all of us with his old and new favorites, as well as a special song for Charis, "You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours" that left her with the giggles. We're so blessed to be able to spend such times with YHWH's special people!


  1. I really enjoyed this blog...What a blessing to have the opportunity to visit... Thanks so much for sharing your adventures and your blessed visit with My precious friends "The Whites"...

    Jay(A friend Of Colleen and Jed)

  2. Shalom shalom!
    I love your blog... this will help me to keep up with you two. Thanks,
    luv always Nancy