Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Our first "remnant" visit

Leaving Barstow after a "quiet" evening spent in a Flying "J" parking lot, we found ourselves lulled into feeling that we had a better handle on our new lifestyle. Little did we know all that was ahead of us on the road that day. Traffic was not too bad, but miscommunication about an upcoming exit quickly turned into a moment of high excitement.

In the process of braking to avoid another car that had also missed their cue about the exit and had stopped in front of us in the middle lane of the freeway, caused loud metallic screeches to come from the fifth wheel hitch on our pickup. We were very concerned about the source of this sound, but had no idea about what had actually gone horribly wrong in that moment. DannyLee was praying and seeking HIS instructions which came with an instruction to get off the highway now. He took the first available exit and as we attempted to stop at the stop sign at the end of the exit ramp, the entire trailer hitch let loose and slid to it's farthest back position. This caused the emergency brake cable on the trailer to pull out which locked up the brakes on the trailer.

Fortunately, this lock-up at less than 5 miles per hour did little more than cause us to come to an immediate, heartrenching stop. We both leapt out of the truck and tried to access both the damage and our next move. After some consideration, we were able to slowly move ourselves around the corner and out of traffic. We immediately tried to figure out what had happened and what should be our next move. We unhooked "The Nest" and as a I stood "guard" next to it praying and singing praises, DannyLee drove around looking for mechanical assistance. We weren't able to fully resolve this problem, but we both felt strongly that we needed to continue forward to our next "appointment".

We crept into our destination weary and somewhat discouraged by this new turn on events. We made contact with our soon-to-be "newfound family member" and crawled into bed. One Scripture that constantly comes to mind these days is that each day has enough trouble in itself and the morning would bring both new challenges and new blessings. Sometimes it's just best to rest on that.

More on this in the next post.

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