Sunday, July 19, 2009

"Mile-high" Reflections

As I mentioned in my previous post, CO had many surprises in store for us as we were soon to find out. Somehow I was unprepared for the things we found ourselves facing at this juncture in our journey.

From the beginning, we've been challenged by the enemy as he has tried to derail us and detour us from continuing. As we've tuned our prayer life to face these challenges head on with some help from friends, we've experienced several breakthroughs and have rejoiced many times to see ourselves as "overcomers". The Scriptures encourage us to be "overcomers" in our daily lives and to set our hearts to finish "the race that is before us". Those who "overcome" will find their place in HIS Kingdom. (Revelation 21:7)

It's always one's hope that victory can somehow be extended or maintained by keeping on with what's working, but our enemy never relents for long. There are always other ways to bring problems, challenges and difficulties and he's quick to find them. Blind-sided by this new direction of attack, DannyLee and I found ourselves cut to the heart and on our faces crying out to HIM. This should not have been a surprise to us as the Scriptures are clear that in these last days, the people that will turn their hearts from us are the ones that we least expect, but sometimes, the "Words" aren't always enough to prepare us for the wounds that come.

After searching through HIS Word and a lot of prayer, we find our hearts resolved to continue on with our journey to the very end - as we're "Tsiyon Bound"!!! All glory and honor and praise to YHWH!

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