Saturday, July 18, 2009

The "Mile High" city of Denver

The mental picture of Denver that has long been mine from the description "mile high city" was of a city spread across the tops of mountain peaks. I expected roads that would rival the thrills of San Francisco and sights that would cause one to gasp at each new turn. As we drove within sight of the real Denver, I was shocked to see how wrong I was about this place. However high our elevation is above sea level, there's nothing in the view that reveals this. As we were soon to find out, this was only the first of many surprises that this city holds for us.

Our first night in Denver found us without a reservation anywhere and some very limited options. In a state of near exhaustion, we finally decided to seek out a "Wally World" as our groceries were very low and we needed a place to rest.

RV'ers can often find a warm welcome and a quiet night's rest in a Wal-mart parking lot when necessary. This turned out to be more challenging then we expected. Stopping at "Wally World" in Aurora, CO, we found ourselves face to face with a sign banning trucks and RV's. DannyLee went in to check with the management only to find that city-wide, this was the policy and we weren't even allowed to park there long enough to buy groceries. We were, however, directed to head south to Parker, about 9 miles away, where we were warmly welcomed to shop and spend a very quiet night recovering from our day's travels.

The next day we continued our efforts to find a space to spend a few days here in Denver, but all of our efforts were coming up empty. As DannyLee has family in this area, and we had some things that we were hoping to take care of here, we needed to find something. Finally, we found a large parking lot with hook-ups behind a trailer park to give "our Nest" a little rest from the pounding of the roads here in CO. There's not much of a view, but at least it's quiet at night and that's enough for us.

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