Monday, July 20, 2009

"Mile-high" blessings!

One of DannyLee's favorite forms of relaxation is the fun of a baseball game. As YHWH's timing is always perfect and oft-times holds unexpected moments of simple pleasures, I should not have been surprised to find myself wearing an AZ Diamondbacks baseball shirt sitting in a "sea of CO Rockies" fans.

Baseball (or any other sports, for that matter) are not high on my list of entertainment choices, but eating hot dogs and cheering for others is always fun for me. Having the annointing of an encourager, I sometimes forget that my loyalties are supposed to lie with one team. It's not surprising to find me cheering for anyone and everyone that is doing well in the game. This often earns me "looks" like the one that DannyLee is wearing here. I was getting equally funny looks from the Rockies fans that were all around us.

I had been "coached" about cheering for the Diamondbacks to show "our" loyalty, but my "coach" often sat there quietly as I found myself the lone voice in the crowd to the amusement of those around us. Fortunately, Rockies fans are good-natured and fun-loving and they quietly endured my cheering. They could afford to be indulgent. The Rockies enjoyed the victory!

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