Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Meet "Jackson" and other new animal friends

This tour was originally billed as the "Tsiyon/Jackson Bound Tour" because of it's dual purpose. The Tsiyon part of the tour is focused on visiting believers throughout the country and using our music to encourage, edify and uplift them.

The Jackson part of the tour is mainly for "us" as "Johnny Cash" and "June Carter". DannyLee had found 24 states with a town or city named Jackson and it was our intent on this tour to make a stop/visit in each of them in honor of Johnny and June. Our intent has gotten a little sidetracked in the busyness of the Tsiyon side of things and we actually drove right past Jackson, CA feeling too overwhelmed to try to do anything to mark the occasion.

We were reminded of our little plan in Colorado by a cat. DannyLee's son has a cat that has this incredibly loving personality and his name is Jackson. He got his name from DannyLee's granddaughter and her parents cannot account for where this name came from or why she chose it. When we came to their house, Jackson leapt from the floor into DannyLee's arms and wrapped his paws around him and just started right out loving on him. Thanks for the reminder Jackson!

This morning I was able to catch a pretty good shot of our "neighbor" here in the Salt Lake City area. He (?) has spent the morning checking us out and watching our every move. I'm glad for the fence between us. He doesn't look like he's all that friendly!

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