Thursday, July 16, 2009

The "Majesty" of Montana

"I wonder, wonder" what happened to DannyLee and SueJean????
That may well have been the song that has been playing in a few minds over the last few days. It may be hard to believe, but there are still places in the U.S. of A. that are beyond cell phone range.

WHAT??? I know. I know. That's hard to believe, but it's true and we were "there"!

We managed to get ourselves so far north that we needed to use our furnace to keep our noses from freezing at night. The good news is that it worked just like it was supposed to and our noses are right where they're supposed to be. I was a little concerned with the furnace at first as there is a 10-step process outlined in the manual to turn the thing on, but after a little prayer, I just flipped on one switch and Voila! heat!

Alas, our time in Montana, however, is at an end and we got ourselves "back on the road again" today with a rousing send-off from our hosts as they joined us in singing our little version of Willie Nelson's song. The five days we spent buried deep in the wooded mountains of Montana will not soon be forgotten as our hosts blessed us with a lot of food, fun and fellowship. They even joined us in singing their favorite songs on our karaoke set-up and we all had a great time!

All of our initial concerns about pulling "The Nest" through heavily wooded, mountainous roads turned out to be groundless and all went well as we found ourselves "oohing" and "ahhing" over the incredible displays of YHWH's handiwork at each turn in the road. We mainly drove on secondary roads that wound through valleys and over and across beautiful waterways. There were some small challenges in a few construction zones, but for the most part, the drive was peaceful.

As we head south again, we count ourselves incredibly blessed to have been able to take this "little" detour up into the far north. Montana and our new found friends were well worth the drive! We were sorry to have to leave, but the "road" calls and we must get on with HIS business as time continues to move forward ever more quickly. As we drove away, I commented to DannyLee on how seductive the peace and tranquility of Montana could be if we were not careful to stay focused on the task that lies before us. I think it's human nature to want to be in such a place, but that place is not yet for us and so we go on......................

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  1. Sounds so wonderful...I know I would love to Visit with Colleen and Jed and from what I have seen of Montanna , I know I would not want to leave either...
    Travel safe and may YHWH be with you...

    Jay(A friend Of Colleen and Jed)
    You may remember me from YTTF on NIng :)