Thursday, July 9, 2009

I D A H O - Just passing through.

This morning, we both woke up with the conviction that our time in Utah was finished. It was clearly time to get back "on the road again". As before, our response to HIS leading to get going lifted our spirits and the preparation and hook-up process was once again a blessing. We were a bit concerned when we had unhooked the truck upon arrival that we would be challenged to get it hooked back up again do to the angle of the road, but prayer once again smoothed the way. We managed to do all of the tasks associated with leaving in less than an hour.

Today was a long day of driving through the mountains, valleys, and the many farm fields of Utah, Idaho and Montana. We managed to drive almost 400 miles without any real traffic challenges along the way. The magnificent scenery captivated us as the mountain vistas of Utah gave way to the beauty of Idaho and eventually Montana.

For a few miles I was faced with a major test of my ability to drive in a very narrow "traffic lane" that barely qualified for the term "lane". The cones (posts) on the right were at times quite often nearly a foot inside the line and the drop-off of the pavement on the left kept trying to pull me over into the center median (DITCH!). I expended a lot of nervous energy focusing on my driving through this construction zone. NOT FUN!! I was happy to get through all that unscathed.

Once again we will be spending a "quiet" night in a Flying "J" parking lot as we still have many miles to go before we reach our next "divine appointment". Praise YHWH that HE is going before us to prepare the way. We were rewarded after dinner with a glimpse of a small rainbow. This always lifts my spirits as HIS promises are good.

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