Thursday, July 16, 2009

I D A H O Again!

As no one has requested a visit in many of the states that we must pass through in order to reach those that have asked us to come, there are several states that we simply "pass through". Some of these "passing through" states are little more than gas stops and nights spent in Flying "J" parking areas. Idaho was going to be a state that got passed through twice and that made me feel sad as this was a state that neither DannyLee or I had ever "passed through" before. I've long been a fan of Idaho potatoes, but knew little else of the state to catch my attention.

This changed yesterday on our way south from Missoula. It was my turn to drive as DannyLee attempted to catch a little catnap. As I drove along, the unique lay of the land caught my attention and suddenly I found myself in a "Moses moment" as I felt strongly compelled to turn aside to see this "sight". NO! It was not a burning bush, but at some point in time it would have made quite a spectacle. I pulled off at the viewing place, waking DannyLee for a walk among some very interesting lava formations. He agreed with me that this was definately a sight worth turning aside to see and we vowed to give in a little more often to such urges. It's far too easy to get focused on the next gas stop or destination and miss those chances to stop and SEE!

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