Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hind's feet in high places.

While YHWH created animals that are well-suited to life in the mountains, this cowboy and his "horse" are not of the same "ilk". Our next appointment involved a mountain drive that was definately not for the "faint of heart" and I found myself laughing wildly as DannyLee crept his way up the mountains grumbling all the way. Laughing was my only hope of retaining my sanity as my side of the road dropped off to some terrifying vistas with nary a guardrail in sight. Several times I offered to drive as I have a bit more mountain driving experience, but there was no way that he was going to change sides with me as he at least didn't have to look down over the cliffs. We were told that this was going to be the longest 8 miles of our lives. There wasn't much of an exaggeration there!

Questioning our sanity in this endeavor while expressing our gratitude that we didn't have to make this drive with "The Nest" in tow finally brought us to our destination. DannyLee vowed fervantly that we would be heading back down that road well before dark. Little did we know what YHWH had planned for this day.

The blessings and fellowship that we found in the home of this remnant family went far beyond our anticipation and the drive to get there faded to nothing as we soon found ourselves wishing that we could somehow extend our visit there. Needless to say, DannyLee's vow had to be broken as we spent a wonderful afternoon that stretched late into the evening sharing and fellowshipping with a multi-generation family that has chosen to put HIM first in their lives. The music, the food and the joy of HIS Presence all around us gave us all a major boost of encouragement and the drive back to "The Nest" in the dark was of no real concern in the end.

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