Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Escaping Denver

Today we hit the road again for a brief journey to get us out of Denver and away from the crush of the city. The frustrations of the traffic, the noise and the challenges we've faced there have worn us out and we welcome a Shabbat rest in a quiet location away from all of that.

We've turned our faces north again as we intend to head mainly east from Colorado as YHWH leads us to our next appointment. HE has given us a brief respite from our journey and some time to work on the songs for DannyLee's next CD. We hope to spend a quiet Shabbat snuggled down in "The Nest" at the foot of the Colorado Rockies. The quiet sound of rain falling on the roof from the leaves of the giant cottonwoods that surround us adds to the peace. Prior to getting back on the road, we hope to be able to attend one more Torah service at 3J's with Voice of Many Waters on Saturday. This should put the finishing touch on our restoration.

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