Monday, July 6, 2009

Colorado Dreaming

Leaving Las Vegas brought a special joy to our hearts. Not being interested in any of the so-called "thrills" of casinos or other related activities and finding that the days of "cheap food" have gone by the wayside of our sliding economy, we found little to get excited about. We found that our opinion wasn't shared by the masses however, as the streets remained crowded with people day and night leaving us to wonder at the draw of such things.

Our hearts turned with joy towards Colorado and a planned visit with DannyLee's youngest son. We were able to spend nearly a week there due to the timing of our visit. We didn't want to get back on the road again until after the fourth of July holiday was over. Our days were quiet for the most part as the full campground that we had pulled into, receiving the last available space slowly emptied out each day leaving a nearly empty campground by the time of the holiday. We were left to wonder where everyone had gone.

On the fourth of July, we were invited to join DannyLee's son's family to view the fireworks display in Grand Junction. We didn't have a clear plan for this adventure, but in the end things worked out in such a way that we had a front row seat for the fireworks that couldn't have been any better and it was FREE! We felt incredibly blessed to have shared this adventure with Michael and his family and their friends.

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