Saturday, July 25, 2009

Blogged "down" in Denver

This past week has been busy with various activities, but nothing has really seemed to warrant a blog entry. We took a road trip up into the mountains to see some yaks and have lunch with an old friend one day. The yaks were less than interested in seeing us and we dared not get any closer as we were told they are less than friendly.

DannyLee has been working on some new songs for his next CD and I learned how to tie tzit tzit (tassles or fringes) on our Shabbat. That was quite fun as I've never been good at knots, but the process of slowing down and working through the various steps drew me into a spiritual quiet that gave HIM time to talk to me about our next step. It's always good to have HIS direction and peace.

We've been focusing more time on our Torah studies with Mike Clayton at and Monte Judah at These men have long been my favorite Torah teachers and I credit them with their dedication to bring Torah to as many as are willing to listen and to obey. YHWH has given me a deep love of Torah that came actually came through praying Psalm 119 over myself. Torah study with Mike C. helps us to focus on how to prepare for what's ahead. Monte's teaching also helps to prepare us for the greater Exodus and has taught me a lot about how to live and walk according to the ways of Y'shua, the Living Word. We look forward to the day when we will all be able to come together in fellowship.

On Saturday, we were blessed to have a chance to go to Johnstown to join with a Torah service sponsored by Voice of Many Waters. Their website is and I became familiar with this ministry through their radio program "Ahava Torah" while living in Thailand. It was a special joy to enter into corporate worship with this group of Torah lovers and our hearts were filled when we headed back to "The Nest".

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