Sunday, June 28, 2009

We're back! (or at least on our way back)

Our trip to Oregon was basically a side trip and it was now time to get back on track with the Tsiyon Bound tour. We had another "divine appointment" in the northeast/central part of California. We got a late start from Oregon and faced another long day of driving way too far through the mountains. The drive itself went without a hiccup or any "hitches".

The problem was that the drive went on far too long and we arrived at our destination at 2 a.m. without a clue as to where we were supposed to go. We finally ended up in the KMart parking lot weary beyond belief and more than a little discouraged by our "lostness" at this point. It seemed that no matter how hard we tried to plan things out, the little details still managed to find a way to trip us up.

We crawled into "The Nest" and spent a restless night trying to recover ourselves. The next morning, we did some business and then went to check in at a local campground. As we drove into the campground, a speed bump at 5 mph caused our hitch to once again bump itself out of the locked position. We were starting to have some serious concerns about our safety and road worthiness at this point.

On top of this concern, we had the added confusion of thinking that we needed to be back on the road in 24 hours on another leg of this journey. We found a whole new level of feeling overwhelmed with all that appeared to be "on our plates". We contacted our RV dealer with our concerns only to find ourselves on our own with this problem. We then decided that it was of far greater importance to re-focus on HIS business at hand so we laid our hitch before HIM and set our path for our next "divine appointment". Little did we know where this path was going to lead us though the Scripture that says HE leads us from glory to greater glory does come to mind here.

To YHWH be all glory and honor and praise for HE alone is worthy to be praised!

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