Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Shabbat Shalom!

We pray that the blessings of Shabbat will reach you wherever you are on this, HIS special day!

As part of our Shabbat routine, we are trying to get back to spending regular time in Torah study. Torah study has long been a special part of my weekly routine, but sadly, that routine has been disrupted. While living in Thailand, I was given a Chumash as a gift from my son. This was a special joy to me as I loved reading the weekly portion and meditating on it during the week. YHWH never failed to bring some illustration of that week's lesson (to me) in some funny or interesting way.

In the move to Texas, the box with that and a few other things that I cared about, took a far slower "boat" and has yet to turn up. I refuse to give up hope for them, as I know YHWH knows exactly where these things are and will bring them back to me in HIS own timing. In the meantime, I haven't kept up with the Torah cycle as in the past.

Unexpectedly, in Las Vegas, we were given a very special gift. During our radio interview, Fred casually reached up to his bookshelf and handed us his copy of The Margolin Edition Torah. I was so blessed by his generosity that I was pretty much speechless. I had no words to tell him how much his gift meant to me personally. I had been struggling with my faith/hope that my book would turn up eventually and longed so much to have it back. I didn't want to seek a replacement thinking that would not have been in faith, but I so needed one and HE found a way. Thank you Fred!

Last night, at the beginning of Shabbat, DannyLee and I started our Torah study with one of my favorite Torah teachers. As we listened to the study, we realized something that caused us both heartache. We believe that this journey that we're on is a "one-time deal". We've got one shot at this and then things are going to change so rapidly in this country that something like this will no longer be possible. We accept, even dare to hope that we may be wrong about this, but...........the handwriting is on the wall, so to speak.

On that note, we strongly encourage you to seek HIM while HE may still be found. The days of open communication and our freedom to worship are being challenged by the powers that be. Don't waste your time on things that don't really matter. Put your heart, your mind and your resources towards preparing for what's already on the horizon. Be "the ant"! Don't be "the grasshopper"! May HIS blessings overwhelm you today wherever you may be! Shalom!!

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