Monday, June 22, 2009


Our first stop was Phoenix and we were very happy to make it there without any mishaps on our second day of travel. We were a bit travel-worn by the effort it took to get out of Texas and stayed in "The Nest" for most of the day resting. About evening time, we ventured forth for a walk. We had "neighbors" on one side that appeared to be there long term and no one on the other side.

When we got back after our walk, our neighbors were outside their RV with their three children and their very large dog. They greeted us eagerly and entreated us to come and sit down with them for a chat. We were a bit hesitant as we were still tired and feeling a bit shy, but their enthusiasm drew us in. We sat down with them and had an incredible time of sharing our faith and ministry with them. We were so blessed to be able to spend time with them talking about Tsiyon Ministries and our calling. They shared with us that they had also received "the call" to sell all their "stuff" and embrace life on the road. We were soon convinced that we were in the presence of another "remnant family".

The funny part of this story is that we had originally been assigned to another space far away from this family. DannyLee and the resort guy struggled over and over in trying to back "The Nest" into our slot but they were blocked by 2 parked trucks belonging to a hermit that lived on the other side of the street. We were told that it would be of no use to pound on his door and ask him to move his trucks as he never responded to knocking. In frustration, DannyLee finally asked if we could move to another slot that had a clear roadway before it. Backing up a 36-foot rig isn't all that fun. Trying to do it around parked cars is more along the lines of torture. In the end, we believe that YAH's will was done and we ended up in the place that HE wanted us to be. Hallelujah and all glory, honor and praise to HIM!

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