Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Our first "remnant" visit (Part Two)

After a quiet night in the county fairgrounds, we tried to figure out how to resolve our hitch problem AND make our "divine appointment". We both felt it was more important to focus on HIS plans and purposes, so we set our hearts on that matter foremost. Several phone calls later, we had a plan for the day that allowed us the opportunity to play "host" right in "The Nest". We were excited about what was ahead of us although being our first official "visit", we had no idea as to what was coming.

Needless to say, our troubles and challenges quickly lost their focus as we received a powerful revelation about our Tsiyon Bound tour right off the bat. DannyLee and I had been talking about how we hadn't put any thought into such things as "counting the cost" in this venture and how we hadn't really questioned HIS plans. We'd just received HIS direction and stepped out in making preparations seeing HIS Hand moving before us to order our steps. The purpose of our tour gelled into an understanding that we were to go forth to encourage and build up HIS remnant people through the music. I won't say it seemed like a small thing, but we learned on this day that what we're doing is very far beyond what we "thought" we were doing. The battles we'd been facing daily suddenly took on a whole new perspective and we were encouraged to continue on, especially after the incredible time of blessing and fellowship that we experienced on our first "remnant" visit. Everything we'd gone through paled in comparison to the blessings HE rained down on us that day. Praise HIM for HE is worthy to be praised!

The next day we needed to get back on the road and head up into Oregon. We faced a long drive, but our strength and our resolve to go on had been fully restored. On the road again.......

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  1. Praise Yahweh! Yes, it was a blessed time that I will never forget! It started me on my own journey. I pray Yah'shua pours out His love and blessings on you.