Thursday, June 25, 2009

The "Oregon Trail"

Depending on what paperwork you're looking at, "The Nest" is either 38' or 36' or 34' long. A recent encounter with a measuring tape showed that with the pick-up truck at one end and our two bikes at the other, we're more than 50' long. Some things are better left unknown I think, but it's always something that needs to be in the back of our minds as we're turning corners or looking for a parking space. Taking our size for granted has dire consequences that are best avoided.

Our plan was to drive up to Oregon for the purpose of having solar panels installed on "The Nest". AM Solar in Springfield, Oregon has a stellar reputation in this field and we had made an appointment with them soon after acquiring our rig. Both of us felt the necessity to be as self-sustaining as possible for what we believe is coming in the near future. Both of us were questioning that as we found ourselves facing mountains that actually had snow caps in a couple of places.

Despite our qualms, our journey north went without incident and we arrived in Springfield in the early evening light feeling very encouraged that HIS Presence had been with us all along the way. As we considered our next step while sitting outside the gates of AM Solar, we decided to go on-line and order a pizza to enjoy for our Shabbat supper. To our surprise, a car came up next to us and Deb, the co-owner of AM Solar leaped out with a warm welcome greeting. A friend of hers driving by had seen us sitting at their gates and alerted them to our presence. This allowed us to be able to move inside the gate and set-up in the back of their property near the little river. Our Shabbat supper was a blessing of peace and quiet in a tiny slice of forest. Thank YOU ABBA that YOU are always looking to bless us through YOUR servants.

During the next two days, "The Nest" would be fully outfitted with 600 Amp hours of power that would be continually renewed day by day. This would allow us to be far more comfortable in our evenings spent in Flying "J" parking lots and other such places. While this is a significant expense, we believe it's also an investment that will pay for itself in the future. The wonderful people at AM Solar that treated us more like friends than just some customers passing through their doors gave us a full understanding of why we needed to come all the way to Oregon to have this work done. We pray that they will be able to receive HIS full understanding of all that we were able to share with them through Tsiyon Ministries.

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