Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Mysterious Ways

As we pulled out on the first leg of our journey at dawn on Friday, June 5th, I found myself labeling it our own personal D-day, as in "drive-away" day. I found out at breakfast the next morning that June 6th, 2009 is the 65th anniversary of the actual D-Day. Strange coincidence?

To consider our first day in light of an epic battle in many ways was appropriate. We found ourselves in a spiritual battle that caused the skirmishes of the days proceeding to pale in comparison. Leaving Texas was hand-to-hand combat with spiritual opposition for well over 600 miles.

We fought a headwind that reduced our gas mileage drastically and ripped a 75-lb.+ bed liner right out of the back of our truck through an opening less than a foot wide. DannyLee watched it fly out of the back like a feather in amazement as it sailed across two lanes onto the center median. The damage didn't become apparent until about a hundred miles later when we found we'd lost all the lights and turns signals on "The Nest" requiring an emergency repair.

Prayer and warfare led by intense praise and worship as we declared HIS will and HIS victory alone brought us through our first day of travel. The forces arrayed against us in starting this journey were overwhelming, yet in the end, the battle belonged to YHWH and the victory was sweet!

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