Monday, June 29, 2009

The "melding" of our "spiritual lives" with our "natural world".

The Holy Scriptures, or the Bible is full of teachings, object lessons, and good advice on how we, as believers, are to live out our daily lives. The Scriptures teach us that if we follow the teachings of YHWH, the GOD of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob, all will go well with us. For many people, this gets watered-down into trying to be "good people". This seems to satisfy most people as they believe that somehow GOD will understand and HIS grace will be sufficient to cover their lukewarm efforts to conform to HIS image and ideals.

There are people, however, that somehow get caught up into believing that the Bible and HIS teachings (commandments) are far more than suggestions on how to live a good life. These people aren't satisfied with the appearance of goodness or the namby-pamby teachings of religions. They believe the basic premise that YHWH created people so that HE could actually have a real, living relationship with them. They long to know HIM and to have the fullness of a relationship with HIM where HE talks to us and walks with us and we talk to HIM and follow HIM in all of HIS ways. This relationship can only become real as we seek to know HIM through HIS teachings and HIS ways and not through the variable teachings of men.

This is the kind of people we are and this is the way that we chose to live our lives - seeking HIM and submitting to HIM all that we have, all that we are, and all that we do. Now, you may wonder how we came to be such "radicals" in our beliefs, but that's not a story that's easily told. Human lives are shaped and molded by things that aren't always that apparent, even in hindsight. Suffice it to say that HE has guided the two of us throughout our lives and prepared us for this journey that HE has purposed for us from the beginning of time.

One of the more interesting aspects of this journey has been the interaction between our spiritual lives and our natural world. As a missionary in Thailand, I often experienced changes in my circumstances that I could attribute to prayer, but I spent little time analyzing such things. This journey, initiated and choreographed by YHWH, Himself, is heavily affected by our prayers and the prayers of those that have come alongside us in support.

One of the more interesting lessons on prayer has come in connection with the troubles we were experiencing with our fifth-wheel hitch. When our troubles began, we reacted in frustration and grumbled and complained about the seeming inadequacies of this critical device. Our troubles only escalated and fear started to try and creep into our thoughts. One morning, I was praying about this concern and I was reminded of some "words" that had been spoken that were literally "curses" against the hitch. I was reminded of a story told about Bill Cosby and a comedy skit where he, with "tongue-in-cheek" wondered at the wisdom of cursing such things as our cars when things didn't go right.

I shared these thoughts with DannyLee and we changed our "tune" to songs of blessings and praise that all that YHWH had provided for us on this journey was the right equipment for what we are called to do. Immediately, our problems with our hitch were resolved. There was nothing magic in the resolution. We simply applied some wisdom and knowledge that HE provided through friends, changed our outlook to see our blessings and saw HIS goodness at work on our behalf. The fifth-wheel hitch is no longer a problem or concern in our lives. Lesson well learned!

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