Monday, June 29, 2009

Looking back at "How This All Began"

We've got a brief pause here in our travels so I thought it important to take a brief look back in time and share some of the research that we did in preparing to leave on our travels and I'll do a second entry on some of the spiritual aspects that we're learning as we go. Our personal story of how we came together is available through the Community Forum at for anyone interested in going that far back. This blog picks up our story at what has become a beginning of a completely new life/lifestyle for us.

When we started hearing YHWH's voice speaking to us about making a major change in our lifestyle, we were both ready and eager to answer HIS call. HE's been preparing the both of us for years to follow HIS leading and to embrace HIS plans and purposes without hesitation or fear. It was with this mindset that we heard HIS instructions to look into a mobile lifestyle that would free us completely from things like rent/mortgages/leases and other such obligations.

Our first view of the RV life was a Class A motorhome that caused us both to wonder at the lavishness of such a lay-out and to gasp at the overall expense. We dared to dream that all things are possible with HIM, but hesitated to commit in such a major way to what appeared to us more like a life of luxury than a life of service. We opted to go for a much simpler rig and started looking into fifth-wheels. Knowing only a little something about the challenges of towing vehicles, the fifth wheel seemed safer for us and having the ability to separate our transport from our "home" fit our plans better.

We started our research on the internet reading travel blogs and forums from every RV'er and club that we ran across. My overall favorite blog and the one that has been most helpful to me in terms of practical information has been "Travels with Andy" which covers the travel story of Andy Baird. He's a wonderful writer and includes tons of helpful hints and tips that I've incorporated into our plans. I highly recommend checking out his site for anyone starting out in the RV life.

Through our local RV dealer, we found "The Nest" and it seemed to be "HIS choice" for us from the start. It was more than we originally wanted to spend, but as we plan to live in this little "box" for as long as HE determines, we're finding that it was well worth it to put all we had into the best we could afford. During our early troubles with hitches and parking, I confess that I had some wonderings that we might have been better off with something smaller, but then HE checks my doubts and I repent.

After we bought "The Nest", we turned our attention to finding a pick-up truck to pull it around. DannyLee loves GMC, but I've always been a "Ford-fan" and it was a 2001 Ford F-250 that finally caught our attention on the internet. The price was right and the 7.3 L diesel engine seemed adequate to the challenge of pulling our "Nest". Throughout our travels, we've given thanks many times for our little work-"horse". We're especially grateful for it's forgiving nature as we seem to have a knack for wounding it regularly with door dents/dings and outright BANGS! It may not be as beautiful by the end of our travels as it was, but it has definately earned our respect.

Finally, as part of the research that we did, we felt it was important to buy into a couple RV clubs/programs. The first was Passport America. The discounts that come with staying in parks affiliated with this club paid for the membership early on in TX and AZ. The second was Escapees with the primary reason there being our mailing service/address that places us Somewhere, Over the Rainbow. We've since added Good Sam as there are still lots of gaps in the areas that we find ourselves needing a place to come to a rest and that will also pay for itself eventually. All of these clubs/programs have excellent websites and forums where people are happy to share their knowledge and experiences.

Our "home" website that we connect up with regularly is where our "family" hangs out. These are the people that form the basis for our travels and the place that we turn to when our challenges overwhelm us. Brother Eliyahu and Dawn are long-time friends and our prayer partners as well as our ministry partners and we wouldn't be doing any of this if it wasn't for their faithfulness in doing their part of HIS plans. We're blessed to call them "family".

If anyone out there is hearing HIS call to step out and get out on the road and you have questions/concerns, please don't hesitate to post your questions/comments here and we'll be happy to share all that we've learned with you.


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