Monday, June 29, 2009

Heading to Las Vegas

One of the challenges that we haven't quite worked out is keeping our time and days straight. Since we don't have a regular work schedule or any other schedule beyond keeping Lunar Shabbat, it's easy to lose track of what day it is. A common question around "The Nest" is "What day is it?" often followed by "What time is it?". We have a clock in the kitchen, but it seems to "eat" batteries and is often either a time zone ahead or a time zone behind where we are at any given moment. DannyLee's still wearing a watch (I gave them up years ago.), and fortunately, he hasn't answered my time question yet with the old line, "Time for you to get a watch!"

It was this challenge that somehow managed to cause us to lose track of a whole day. DannyLee needed to be in Las Vegas on Sunday morning for the final chapter of a karaoke competition. We had thought the competition would be in the evening until a phone call came that alerted us to the fact that the competition would start at 9 A.M. Realizing that we had a long drive ahead of us and had just lost several hours that we had allocated to that drive, we got into a panic and set off for Vegas on what we thought was Saturday morning.

We reached Barstow after driving all day and faced the final trek into Vegas feeling tired and worn. The traffic situation was horrendous and I kept wondering aloud why there were so many people heading to Vegas on a Saturday night. All night long I drove through the mountains in a long line of traffic that often spread three lanes across. We finally arrived at 2 A.M. and struggled with the process of unhooking and setting up so we could get some sleep.

Our hitch which had previously challenged us with unhitching itself when we didn't want it to, had now found a new way to frustrate us and refused to release the truck from it's grip. The night staff was trying to help us probably more from a hope to get us quiet and settled down than any desire to be around us as we were both in a state of dismay/disarray.

Finally, we just gave up to the hitch and crawled into bed in frustration. The night watchman promised to come back at 7 A.M to help us get unhitched so DannyLee could get to the competition on time. We still had no clue that we had done all of this driving and stressing for nothing. He kept his word and we jumped into our clothes at his knock on the door. Having had enough rest to at least clear some of the frustration from the situation helped immensely. The hitch released within a few minutes and I crawled back into "The Nest" as DannyLee prepared to go do his "thing".

It wasn't very long before he was back to announce that all we'd been through, the confusion and the frustration and what amounted to extreme exhaustion on my part, was for nothing. It was Saturday morning and we were a day ahead of schedule. We both just looked at each other at this point in silence.

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