Monday, June 29, 2009

Doing "time" in Vegas

Las Vegas has been on our travel itinerary from the beginning of the "plan". DannyLee had entered a karaoke competition back in Texas and the finals would be played out in Vegas. We both felt strongly that we needed to see this through to the end. Things with the competition didn't go as we thought and in the end, we were both left wondering if somehow we'd missed our "cue" on this matter.

By Sunday afternoon, the karaoke business was finished and we wondered what YHWH had in store for us in this place. Between Brother Eliyahu, Dawn and ourselves, we kicked around some ideas as to HIS "plan/purpose" and eventually we ended up with an appointment to do a radio interview on KKVV with Fred Hodges, the station manager on Wednesday. We felt that the interview went well and we pray that KKVV will be blessed as they were a blessing to us.

Wednesday evening, we both started to feel strongly convicted that our time in Las Vegas was through. It was time to get "back on the road again". For a Johnny Cash tribute artist, we seem to be singing a lot of "Willie Nelson" lately. We even found ourselves looking for a red bandanna in the $$ store the other day. It would be a lot easier to do a facial approximation of Willie with DannyLee's new look. I think he still likes Johnny better though. (Sorry Willie!)

(Pictures of DannyLee's new look coming soon!)

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