Tuesday, June 16, 2009

California, Here we come!

We headed out of Phoenix on the 11th of June. Feeling like we had some experience to fall back on, we confidently went through the process of packing up and hooking up "The Nest". Little did we know heading out that we were going to learn some new lessons about "mountain driving".

Now driving in the mountains may not seem like such a big deal to many people, but mountain driving with a 12,000+ pound trailer hitched to the back of your pick-up truck is an experience all to itself. Not even being a roller-coaster afficianado prepared me for the thrill of this challenge. As semi-trucks whizzed by and cars whipped around us, we found a whole new understanding of the Scripture that says something about how each day has it's own sufficient troubles and we clung to the hope that HIS grace would be sufficient to bring us through. Needless to say, HE was. We made it to Barstow without breaking anything. Hallelujah!

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