Saturday, June 27, 2009

The beauty of Oregon

During our two days of solar installation, DannyLee and I were free to explore a bit of Oregon. As this was the first time for either of us to visit this beautiful state, our one plan was to see the Pacific coastline. DannyLee also had a secret desire to play a round of golf. (Well, not all that secret!)

He got his wish at the Mackenzie River Golf course with nine beautiful holes. I rode along in the golf cart laughing wildly as he careened us over and around little hills and dales avoiding sand traps and trees. As a former golf pro, his masterful handling of the golf cart was as entertaining as the fat little squirrels that scampered all around us seemingly without fear. It was a lovely way to spend the rest of our Shabbat.

On the second day, we drove to the Oregon coast. We saw a place that had viewing platforms along the ocean cliffs near the sea lion caves. The cost for this access was beyond our budget so we contented ourselves with a view from the top of the cliffs. I was able to see a couple of sea lions and DannyLee got to see a whale come up to the surface while I was busy sampling the local fudge. (Very YUMMY!) We decided to drive a little further up to see the lighthouse and barely a 1/4 mile up the road, we came to a pull-off that was crowded with cars and people.

We turned around at the lighthouse and squeezed our way off the road to see what everyone was looking at below. We found a massive crowd of sea lions all lying on the rocks below or playing in the sea and doing it all for nothing. We laughed at the irony of those that had paid a lot of money with the few sea lions on view when they could have driven on a little farther to see this incredible display of "blubber" for free.

We had one last desire to take a little walk on the beach although we declined the thought of sticking even a toe in the frigid waters of the Pacific. We were both already a bit worn from the "cold". This "Texas cowboy" and this "Thai girl" just don't have what it takes to endure anything colder than 70. We found a little beach and attempted to take a picture of ourselves sitting on a piece of driftwood.

We also searched the beach for a stone that we intend to carry from Oregon to the east coast on this journey. We found a stone that seemed to fit our plan and gave it a place of rest in the truck. Some day this little stone will find itself flying out over the Atlantic Ocean to a new life as our journey takes us as far east as we're able to go, YAH willing.

Soon it was time for us to head "home" and to learn about our new solar set-up. Little did we know the challenges that awaited us back at "The Nest". More lessons to be learned about RV life.

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