Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Shabbat Shalom!

We pray that the blessings of Shabbat will reach you wherever you are on this, HIS special day!

As part of our Shabbat routine, we are trying to get back to spending regular time in Torah study. Torah study has long been a special part of my weekly routine, but sadly, that routine has been disrupted. While living in Thailand, I was given a Chumash as a gift from my son. This was a special joy to me as I loved reading the weekly portion and meditating on it during the week. YHWH never failed to bring some illustration of that week's lesson (to me) in some funny or interesting way.

In the move to Texas, the box with that and a few other things that I cared about, took a far slower "boat" and has yet to turn up. I refuse to give up hope for them, as I know YHWH knows exactly where these things are and will bring them back to me in HIS own timing. In the meantime, I haven't kept up with the Torah cycle as in the past.

Unexpectedly, in Las Vegas, we were given a very special gift. During our radio interview, Fred casually reached up to his bookshelf and handed us his copy of The Margolin Edition Torah. I was so blessed by his generosity that I was pretty much speechless. I had no words to tell him how much his gift meant to me personally. I had been struggling with my faith/hope that my book would turn up eventually and longed so much to have it back. I didn't want to seek a replacement thinking that would not have been in faith, but I so needed one and HE found a way. Thank you Fred!

Last night, at the beginning of Shabbat, DannyLee and I started our Torah study with one of my favorite Torah teachers. As we listened to the study, we realized something that caused us both heartache. We believe that this journey that we're on is a "one-time deal". We've got one shot at this and then things are going to change so rapidly in this country that something like this will no longer be possible. We accept, even dare to hope that we may be wrong about this, but...........the handwriting is on the wall, so to speak.

On that note, we strongly encourage you to seek HIM while HE may still be found. The days of open communication and our freedom to worship are being challenged by the powers that be. Don't waste your time on things that don't really matter. Put your heart, your mind and your resources towards preparing for what's already on the horizon. Be "the ant"! Don't be "the grasshopper"! May HIS blessings overwhelm you today wherever you may be! Shalom!!

Monday, June 29, 2009

The "melding" of our "spiritual lives" with our "natural world".

The Holy Scriptures, or the Bible is full of teachings, object lessons, and good advice on how we, as believers, are to live out our daily lives. The Scriptures teach us that if we follow the teachings of YHWH, the GOD of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob, all will go well with us. For many people, this gets watered-down into trying to be "good people". This seems to satisfy most people as they believe that somehow GOD will understand and HIS grace will be sufficient to cover their lukewarm efforts to conform to HIS image and ideals.

There are people, however, that somehow get caught up into believing that the Bible and HIS teachings (commandments) are far more than suggestions on how to live a good life. These people aren't satisfied with the appearance of goodness or the namby-pamby teachings of religions. They believe the basic premise that YHWH created people so that HE could actually have a real, living relationship with them. They long to know HIM and to have the fullness of a relationship with HIM where HE talks to us and walks with us and we talk to HIM and follow HIM in all of HIS ways. This relationship can only become real as we seek to know HIM through HIS teachings and HIS ways and not through the variable teachings of men.

This is the kind of people we are and this is the way that we chose to live our lives - seeking HIM and submitting to HIM all that we have, all that we are, and all that we do. Now, you may wonder how we came to be such "radicals" in our beliefs, but that's not a story that's easily told. Human lives are shaped and molded by things that aren't always that apparent, even in hindsight. Suffice it to say that HE has guided the two of us throughout our lives and prepared us for this journey that HE has purposed for us from the beginning of time.

One of the more interesting aspects of this journey has been the interaction between our spiritual lives and our natural world. As a missionary in Thailand, I often experienced changes in my circumstances that I could attribute to prayer, but I spent little time analyzing such things. This journey, initiated and choreographed by YHWH, Himself, is heavily affected by our prayers and the prayers of those that have come alongside us in support.

One of the more interesting lessons on prayer has come in connection with the troubles we were experiencing with our fifth-wheel hitch. When our troubles began, we reacted in frustration and grumbled and complained about the seeming inadequacies of this critical device. Our troubles only escalated and fear started to try and creep into our thoughts. One morning, I was praying about this concern and I was reminded of some "words" that had been spoken that were literally "curses" against the hitch. I was reminded of a story told about Bill Cosby and a comedy skit where he, with "tongue-in-cheek" wondered at the wisdom of cursing such things as our cars when things didn't go right.

I shared these thoughts with DannyLee and we changed our "tune" to songs of blessings and praise that all that YHWH had provided for us on this journey was the right equipment for what we are called to do. Immediately, our problems with our hitch were resolved. There was nothing magic in the resolution. We simply applied some wisdom and knowledge that HE provided through friends, changed our outlook to see our blessings and saw HIS goodness at work on our behalf. The fifth-wheel hitch is no longer a problem or concern in our lives. Lesson well learned!

Looking back at "How This All Began"

We've got a brief pause here in our travels so I thought it important to take a brief look back in time and share some of the research that we did in preparing to leave on our travels and I'll do a second entry on some of the spiritual aspects that we're learning as we go. Our personal story of how we came together is available through the Community Forum at www.tsiyon.org for anyone interested in going that far back. This blog picks up our story at what has become a beginning of a completely new life/lifestyle for us.

When we started hearing YHWH's voice speaking to us about making a major change in our lifestyle, we were both ready and eager to answer HIS call. HE's been preparing the both of us for years to follow HIS leading and to embrace HIS plans and purposes without hesitation or fear. It was with this mindset that we heard HIS instructions to look into a mobile lifestyle that would free us completely from things like rent/mortgages/leases and other such obligations.

Our first view of the RV life was a Class A motorhome that caused us both to wonder at the lavishness of such a lay-out and to gasp at the overall expense. We dared to dream that all things are possible with HIM, but hesitated to commit in such a major way to what appeared to us more like a life of luxury than a life of service. We opted to go for a much simpler rig and started looking into fifth-wheels. Knowing only a little something about the challenges of towing vehicles, the fifth wheel seemed safer for us and having the ability to separate our transport from our "home" fit our plans better.

We started our research on the internet reading travel blogs and forums from every RV'er and club that we ran across. My overall favorite blog and the one that has been most helpful to me in terms of practical information has been "Travels with Andy" which covers the travel story of Andy Baird. He's a wonderful writer and includes tons of helpful hints and tips that I've incorporated into our plans. I highly recommend checking out his site for anyone starting out in the RV life.

Through our local RV dealer, we found "The Nest" and it seemed to be "HIS choice" for us from the start. It was more than we originally wanted to spend, but as we plan to live in this little "box" for as long as HE determines, we're finding that it was well worth it to put all we had into the best we could afford. During our early troubles with hitches and parking, I confess that I had some wonderings that we might have been better off with something smaller, but then HE checks my doubts and I repent.

After we bought "The Nest", we turned our attention to finding a pick-up truck to pull it around. DannyLee loves GMC, but I've always been a "Ford-fan" and it was a 2001 Ford F-250 that finally caught our attention on the internet. The price was right and the 7.3 L diesel engine seemed adequate to the challenge of pulling our "Nest". Throughout our travels, we've given thanks many times for our little work-"horse". We're especially grateful for it's forgiving nature as we seem to have a knack for wounding it regularly with door dents/dings and outright BANGS! It may not be as beautiful by the end of our travels as it was, but it has definately earned our respect.

Finally, as part of the research that we did, we felt it was important to buy into a couple RV clubs/programs. The first was Passport America. The discounts that come with staying in parks affiliated with this club paid for the membership early on in TX and AZ. The second was Escapees with the primary reason there being our mailing service/address that places us Somewhere, Over the Rainbow. We've since added Good Sam as there are still lots of gaps in the areas that we find ourselves needing a place to come to a rest and that will also pay for itself eventually. All of these clubs/programs have excellent websites and forums where people are happy to share their knowledge and experiences.

Our "home" website that we connect up with regularly is Tsiyon.org where our "family" hangs out. These are the people that form the basis for our travels and the place that we turn to when our challenges overwhelm us. Brother Eliyahu and Dawn are long-time friends and our prayer partners as well as our ministry partners and we wouldn't be doing any of this if it wasn't for their faithfulness in doing their part of HIS plans. We're blessed to call them "family".

If anyone out there is hearing HIS call to step out and get out on the road and you have questions/concerns, please don't hesitate to post your questions/comments here and we'll be happy to share all that we've learned with you.


Doing "time" in Vegas

Las Vegas has been on our travel itinerary from the beginning of the "plan". DannyLee had entered a karaoke competition back in Texas and the finals would be played out in Vegas. We both felt strongly that we needed to see this through to the end. Things with the competition didn't go as we thought and in the end, we were both left wondering if somehow we'd missed our "cue" on this matter.

By Sunday afternoon, the karaoke business was finished and we wondered what YHWH had in store for us in this place. Between Brother Eliyahu, Dawn and ourselves, we kicked around some ideas as to HIS "plan/purpose" and eventually we ended up with an appointment to do a radio interview on KKVV with Fred Hodges, the station manager on Wednesday. We felt that the interview went well and we pray that KKVV will be blessed as they were a blessing to us.

Wednesday evening, we both started to feel strongly convicted that our time in Las Vegas was through. It was time to get "back on the road again". For a Johnny Cash tribute artist, we seem to be singing a lot of "Willie Nelson" lately. We even found ourselves looking for a red bandanna in the $$ store the other day. It would be a lot easier to do a facial approximation of Willie with DannyLee's new look. I think he still likes Johnny better though. (Sorry Willie!)

(Pictures of DannyLee's new look coming soon!)

Heading to Las Vegas

One of the challenges that we haven't quite worked out is keeping our time and days straight. Since we don't have a regular work schedule or any other schedule beyond keeping Lunar Shabbat, it's easy to lose track of what day it is. A common question around "The Nest" is "What day is it?" often followed by "What time is it?". We have a clock in the kitchen, but it seems to "eat" batteries and is often either a time zone ahead or a time zone behind where we are at any given moment. DannyLee's still wearing a watch (I gave them up years ago.), and fortunately, he hasn't answered my time question yet with the old line, "Time for you to get a watch!"

It was this challenge that somehow managed to cause us to lose track of a whole day. DannyLee needed to be in Las Vegas on Sunday morning for the final chapter of a karaoke competition. We had thought the competition would be in the evening until a phone call came that alerted us to the fact that the competition would start at 9 A.M. Realizing that we had a long drive ahead of us and had just lost several hours that we had allocated to that drive, we got into a panic and set off for Vegas on what we thought was Saturday morning.

We reached Barstow after driving all day and faced the final trek into Vegas feeling tired and worn. The traffic situation was horrendous and I kept wondering aloud why there were so many people heading to Vegas on a Saturday night. All night long I drove through the mountains in a long line of traffic that often spread three lanes across. We finally arrived at 2 A.M. and struggled with the process of unhooking and setting up so we could get some sleep.

Our hitch which had previously challenged us with unhitching itself when we didn't want it to, had now found a new way to frustrate us and refused to release the truck from it's grip. The night staff was trying to help us probably more from a hope to get us quiet and settled down than any desire to be around us as we were both in a state of dismay/disarray.

Finally, we just gave up to the hitch and crawled into bed in frustration. The night watchman promised to come back at 7 A.M to help us get unhitched so DannyLee could get to the competition on time. We still had no clue that we had done all of this driving and stressing for nothing. He kept his word and we jumped into our clothes at his knock on the door. Having had enough rest to at least clear some of the frustration from the situation helped immensely. The hitch released within a few minutes and I crawled back into "The Nest" as DannyLee prepared to go do his "thing".

It wasn't very long before he was back to announce that all we'd been through, the confusion and the frustration and what amounted to extreme exhaustion on my part, was for nothing. It was Saturday morning and we were a day ahead of schedule. We both just looked at each other at this point in silence.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hind's feet in high places.

While YHWH created animals that are well-suited to life in the mountains, this cowboy and his "horse" are not of the same "ilk". Our next appointment involved a mountain drive that was definately not for the "faint of heart" and I found myself laughing wildly as DannyLee crept his way up the mountains grumbling all the way. Laughing was my only hope of retaining my sanity as my side of the road dropped off to some terrifying vistas with nary a guardrail in sight. Several times I offered to drive as I have a bit more mountain driving experience, but there was no way that he was going to change sides with me as he at least didn't have to look down over the cliffs. We were told that this was going to be the longest 8 miles of our lives. There wasn't much of an exaggeration there!

Questioning our sanity in this endeavor while expressing our gratitude that we didn't have to make this drive with "The Nest" in tow finally brought us to our destination. DannyLee vowed fervantly that we would be heading back down that road well before dark. Little did we know what YHWH had planned for this day.

The blessings and fellowship that we found in the home of this remnant family went far beyond our anticipation and the drive to get there faded to nothing as we soon found ourselves wishing that we could somehow extend our visit there. Needless to say, DannyLee's vow had to be broken as we spent a wonderful afternoon that stretched late into the evening sharing and fellowshipping with a multi-generation family that has chosen to put HIM first in their lives. The music, the food and the joy of HIS Presence all around us gave us all a major boost of encouragement and the drive back to "The Nest" in the dark was of no real concern in the end.

We're back! (or at least on our way back)

Our trip to Oregon was basically a side trip and it was now time to get back on track with the Tsiyon Bound tour. We had another "divine appointment" in the northeast/central part of California. We got a late start from Oregon and faced another long day of driving way too far through the mountains. The drive itself went without a hiccup or any "hitches".

The problem was that the drive went on far too long and we arrived at our destination at 2 a.m. without a clue as to where we were supposed to go. We finally ended up in the KMart parking lot weary beyond belief and more than a little discouraged by our "lostness" at this point. It seemed that no matter how hard we tried to plan things out, the little details still managed to find a way to trip us up.

We crawled into "The Nest" and spent a restless night trying to recover ourselves. The next morning, we did some business and then went to check in at a local campground. As we drove into the campground, a speed bump at 5 mph caused our hitch to once again bump itself out of the locked position. We were starting to have some serious concerns about our safety and road worthiness at this point.

On top of this concern, we had the added confusion of thinking that we needed to be back on the road in 24 hours on another leg of this journey. We found a whole new level of feeling overwhelmed with all that appeared to be "on our plates". We contacted our RV dealer with our concerns only to find ourselves on our own with this problem. We then decided that it was of far greater importance to re-focus on HIS business at hand so we laid our hitch before HIM and set our path for our next "divine appointment". Little did we know where this path was going to lead us though the Scripture that says HE leads us from glory to greater glory does come to mind here.

To YHWH be all glory and honor and praise for HE alone is worthy to be praised!

The importance of "wheel chocks"

I highly recommend learning from other people's experiences and in that vein, I've read lots of travel blogs and RV forums in an effort to learn as much as I can. Unfortunately, second hand knowledge is just that, second hand and can't really compete with the far more enduring first-hand experience. Combined with that little factoid is the reality that reading a book of instructions isn't enough to prepare you to drive a car or fly a plane or any other similarly challenging activity. All of my efforts to prepare for life on the road were about to come crashing down in a very frightening experience.

When we arrived back at "The Nest", the crew at AM Solar was waiting to educate us on the operation of our solar set-up. Our first step was to hook up and pull our rig out of their shop and into the sunlight to see the beauty of free electricity (well, "free" in a relative way!). We attempted to make the hook-up as we'd done several times before, but things just wouldn't go right and it didn't take long for things to go horribly wrong.

Fortunately, HIS Hand was over us and we survived our mistakes with only a few cosmetic dents to show for our new understanding of the importance of "wheel chocks". If you haven't learned this lesson yet, take my word for it - this is a vital lesson for trailer life!

At this point, 'nuff said! We'll be heading south tomorrow for our second "divine appointment". California, here we come again!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

The beauty of Oregon

During our two days of solar installation, DannyLee and I were free to explore a bit of Oregon. As this was the first time for either of us to visit this beautiful state, our one plan was to see the Pacific coastline. DannyLee also had a secret desire to play a round of golf. (Well, not all that secret!)

He got his wish at the Mackenzie River Golf course with nine beautiful holes. I rode along in the golf cart laughing wildly as he careened us over and around little hills and dales avoiding sand traps and trees. As a former golf pro, his masterful handling of the golf cart was as entertaining as the fat little squirrels that scampered all around us seemingly without fear. It was a lovely way to spend the rest of our Shabbat.

On the second day, we drove to the Oregon coast. We saw a place that had viewing platforms along the ocean cliffs near the sea lion caves. The cost for this access was beyond our budget so we contented ourselves with a view from the top of the cliffs. I was able to see a couple of sea lions and DannyLee got to see a whale come up to the surface while I was busy sampling the local fudge. (Very YUMMY!) We decided to drive a little further up to see the lighthouse and barely a 1/4 mile up the road, we came to a pull-off that was crowded with cars and people.

We turned around at the lighthouse and squeezed our way off the road to see what everyone was looking at below. We found a massive crowd of sea lions all lying on the rocks below or playing in the sea and doing it all for nothing. We laughed at the irony of those that had paid a lot of money with the few sea lions on view when they could have driven on a little farther to see this incredible display of "blubber" for free.

We had one last desire to take a little walk on the beach although we declined the thought of sticking even a toe in the frigid waters of the Pacific. We were both already a bit worn from the "cold". This "Texas cowboy" and this "Thai girl" just don't have what it takes to endure anything colder than 70. We found a little beach and attempted to take a picture of ourselves sitting on a piece of driftwood.

We also searched the beach for a stone that we intend to carry from Oregon to the east coast on this journey. We found a stone that seemed to fit our plan and gave it a place of rest in the truck. Some day this little stone will find itself flying out over the Atlantic Ocean to a new life as our journey takes us as far east as we're able to go, YAH willing.

Soon it was time for us to head "home" and to learn about our new solar set-up. Little did we know the challenges that awaited us back at "The Nest". More lessons to be learned about RV life.

Friday, June 26, 2009


The third and fourth photos shows our new control panels that look as good as the original factory installed stuff, if not better. That's Michael peeking around the corner there. He was "in charge" of our installation. He exemplified to me a "man of peace".


The second photo is a bird's eye view of our solar panels.


Our battery array is literally a "work of art" due to the efforts of the devoted staff at AM Solar.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The "Oregon Trail"

Depending on what paperwork you're looking at, "The Nest" is either 38' or 36' or 34' long. A recent encounter with a measuring tape showed that with the pick-up truck at one end and our two bikes at the other, we're more than 50' long. Some things are better left unknown I think, but it's always something that needs to be in the back of our minds as we're turning corners or looking for a parking space. Taking our size for granted has dire consequences that are best avoided.

Our plan was to drive up to Oregon for the purpose of having solar panels installed on "The Nest". AM Solar in Springfield, Oregon has a stellar reputation in this field and we had made an appointment with them soon after acquiring our rig. Both of us felt the necessity to be as self-sustaining as possible for what we believe is coming in the near future. Both of us were questioning that as we found ourselves facing mountains that actually had snow caps in a couple of places.

Despite our qualms, our journey north went without incident and we arrived in Springfield in the early evening light feeling very encouraged that HIS Presence had been with us all along the way. As we considered our next step while sitting outside the gates of AM Solar, we decided to go on-line and order a pizza to enjoy for our Shabbat supper. To our surprise, a car came up next to us and Deb, the co-owner of AM Solar leaped out with a warm welcome greeting. A friend of hers driving by had seen us sitting at their gates and alerted them to our presence. This allowed us to be able to move inside the gate and set-up in the back of their property near the little river. Our Shabbat supper was a blessing of peace and quiet in a tiny slice of forest. Thank YOU ABBA that YOU are always looking to bless us through YOUR servants.

During the next two days, "The Nest" would be fully outfitted with 600 Amp hours of power that would be continually renewed day by day. This would allow us to be far more comfortable in our evenings spent in Flying "J" parking lots and other such places. While this is a significant expense, we believe it's also an investment that will pay for itself in the future. The wonderful people at AM Solar that treated us more like friends than just some customers passing through their doors gave us a full understanding of why we needed to come all the way to Oregon to have this work done. We pray that they will be able to receive HIS full understanding of all that we were able to share with them through Tsiyon Ministries.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Our first "remnant" visit (Part Two)

After a quiet night in the county fairgrounds, we tried to figure out how to resolve our hitch problem AND make our "divine appointment". We both felt it was more important to focus on HIS plans and purposes, so we set our hearts on that matter foremost. Several phone calls later, we had a plan for the day that allowed us the opportunity to play "host" right in "The Nest". We were excited about what was ahead of us although being our first official "visit", we had no idea as to what was coming.

Needless to say, our troubles and challenges quickly lost their focus as we received a powerful revelation about our Tsiyon Bound tour right off the bat. DannyLee and I had been talking about how we hadn't put any thought into such things as "counting the cost" in this venture and how we hadn't really questioned HIS plans. We'd just received HIS direction and stepped out in making preparations seeing HIS Hand moving before us to order our steps. The purpose of our tour gelled into an understanding that we were to go forth to encourage and build up HIS remnant people through the music. I won't say it seemed like a small thing, but we learned on this day that what we're doing is very far beyond what we "thought" we were doing. The battles we'd been facing daily suddenly took on a whole new perspective and we were encouraged to continue on, especially after the incredible time of blessing and fellowship that we experienced on our first "remnant" visit. Everything we'd gone through paled in comparison to the blessings HE rained down on us that day. Praise HIM for HE is worthy to be praised!

The next day we needed to get back on the road and head up into Oregon. We faced a long drive, but our strength and our resolve to go on had been fully restored. On the road again.......

Our first "remnant" visit

Leaving Barstow after a "quiet" evening spent in a Flying "J" parking lot, we found ourselves lulled into feeling that we had a better handle on our new lifestyle. Little did we know all that was ahead of us on the road that day. Traffic was not too bad, but miscommunication about an upcoming exit quickly turned into a moment of high excitement.

In the process of braking to avoid another car that had also missed their cue about the exit and had stopped in front of us in the middle lane of the freeway, caused loud metallic screeches to come from the fifth wheel hitch on our pickup. We were very concerned about the source of this sound, but had no idea about what had actually gone horribly wrong in that moment. DannyLee was praying and seeking HIS instructions which came with an instruction to get off the highway now. He took the first available exit and as we attempted to stop at the stop sign at the end of the exit ramp, the entire trailer hitch let loose and slid to it's farthest back position. This caused the emergency brake cable on the trailer to pull out which locked up the brakes on the trailer.

Fortunately, this lock-up at less than 5 miles per hour did little more than cause us to come to an immediate, heartrenching stop. We both leapt out of the truck and tried to access both the damage and our next move. After some consideration, we were able to slowly move ourselves around the corner and out of traffic. We immediately tried to figure out what had happened and what should be our next move. We unhooked "The Nest" and as a I stood "guard" next to it praying and singing praises, DannyLee drove around looking for mechanical assistance. We weren't able to fully resolve this problem, but we both felt strongly that we needed to continue forward to our next "appointment".

We crept into our destination weary and somewhat discouraged by this new turn on events. We made contact with our soon-to-be "newfound family member" and crawled into bed. One Scripture that constantly comes to mind these days is that each day has enough trouble in itself and the morning would bring both new challenges and new blessings. Sometimes it's just best to rest on that.

More on this in the next post.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

California, Here we come!

We headed out of Phoenix on the 11th of June. Feeling like we had some experience to fall back on, we confidently went through the process of packing up and hooking up "The Nest". Little did we know heading out that we were going to learn some new lessons about "mountain driving".

Now driving in the mountains may not seem like such a big deal to many people, but mountain driving with a 12,000+ pound trailer hitched to the back of your pick-up truck is an experience all to itself. Not even being a roller-coaster afficianado prepared me for the thrill of this challenge. As semi-trucks whizzed by and cars whipped around us, we found a whole new understanding of the Scripture that says something about how each day has it's own sufficient troubles and we clung to the hope that HIS grace would be sufficient to bring us through. Needless to say, HE was. We made it to Barstow without breaking anything. Hallelujah!

Monday, June 22, 2009


Our first stop was Phoenix and we were very happy to make it there without any mishaps on our second day of travel. We were a bit travel-worn by the effort it took to get out of Texas and stayed in "The Nest" for most of the day resting. About evening time, we ventured forth for a walk. We had "neighbors" on one side that appeared to be there long term and no one on the other side.

When we got back after our walk, our neighbors were outside their RV with their three children and their very large dog. They greeted us eagerly and entreated us to come and sit down with them for a chat. We were a bit hesitant as we were still tired and feeling a bit shy, but their enthusiasm drew us in. We sat down with them and had an incredible time of sharing our faith and ministry with them. We were so blessed to be able to spend time with them talking about Tsiyon Ministries and our calling. They shared with us that they had also received "the call" to sell all their "stuff" and embrace life on the road. We were soon convinced that we were in the presence of another "remnant family".

The funny part of this story is that we had originally been assigned to another space far away from this family. DannyLee and the resort guy struggled over and over in trying to back "The Nest" into our slot but they were blocked by 2 parked trucks belonging to a hermit that lived on the other side of the street. We were told that it would be of no use to pound on his door and ask him to move his trucks as he never responded to knocking. In frustration, DannyLee finally asked if we could move to another slot that had a clear roadway before it. Backing up a 36-foot rig isn't all that fun. Trying to do it around parked cars is more along the lines of torture. In the end, we believe that YAH's will was done and we ended up in the place that HE wanted us to be. Hallelujah and all glory, honor and praise to HIM!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

California, Here we come!

We headed out of Phoenix on the 11th of June. Feeling like we had some experience to fall back on, we confidently went through the process of packing up and hooking up "The Nest". Little did we know heading out that we were going to learn some new lessons about "mountain driving".

Now driving in the mountains may not seem like such a big deal to many people, but mountain driving with a 12,000+ pound trailer hitched to the back of your pick-up truck is an experience all to itself. Not even being a roller-coaster afficianado prepared me for the thrill of this challenge. As semi-trucks whizzed by and cars whipped around us, we found a whole new understanding of the Scripture that says something about how each day has it's own sufficient troubles and we clung to the hope that HIS grace would be sufficient to bring us through. Needless to say, HE was. We made it to Barstow without breaking anything. Hallelujah!

The "Nest"

"Home" is where your hat is!

Mysterious Ways

As we pulled out on the first leg of our journey at dawn on Friday, June 5th, I found myself labeling it our own personal D-day, as in "drive-away" day. I found out at breakfast the next morning that June 6th, 2009 is the 65th anniversary of the actual D-Day. Strange coincidence?

To consider our first day in light of an epic battle in many ways was appropriate. We found ourselves in a spiritual battle that caused the skirmishes of the days proceeding to pale in comparison. Leaving Texas was hand-to-hand combat with spiritual opposition for well over 600 miles.

We fought a headwind that reduced our gas mileage drastically and ripped a 75-lb.+ bed liner right out of the back of our truck through an opening less than a foot wide. DannyLee watched it fly out of the back like a feather in amazement as it sailed across two lanes onto the center median. The damage didn't become apparent until about a hundred miles later when we found we'd lost all the lights and turns signals on "The Nest" requiring an emergency repair.

Prayer and warfare led by intense praise and worship as we declared HIS will and HIS victory alone brought us through our first day of travel. The forces arrayed against us in starting this journey were overwhelming, yet in the end, the battle belonged to YHWH and the victory was sweet!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Hello World!

Greetings & blessings in the Name of Y'shua from Somewhere, Over the Rainbow!
This blog will follow the travels and travails of DannyLee & SueJean as they make their way around the U.S. on the Tsiyon/Jackson tour. The purpose of this trip is to encourage, edify and build-up those that seek after YHWH. It is is our hope/plan to be able to meet with as many of the scattered people of YHWH as we are able. We welcome your thoughts, feedback and encouragement also.
Our journey officially began on June 5th, 2009, although the time of preparation before Day One spanned more than 4 months. In four months time, we moved from living in an apartment to life in an RV where everything we own came down to a couple of thousand pounds of "stuff". If you think that's easy, you're far less of a packrat than either of us. We both had "stuff" dating back to our high school years. Who doesn't? ;>)